I Came; I Saw; I Ranted

Image result for lisa loebI used to like girls with glasses… thick, no-nonsense, I-do-read-Tolstoy-fuck-you-very-much glasses. But, with changes in style, the advent of hipsters and the unholy influence of Lisa Loeb, all sorts of girls wear glasses now. It’s like having a favorite flavor of ice cream, say cherry vanilla (not its real name); you wake up one morning and every ice cream in the store has the label “cherry vanilla” REGARDLESS of what kind of ice cream it really is. It’s chaos! All I want is a super intelligent woman because super intelligent people are markedly different from the average person, mostly because they use words like “markedly”.

People, who are not super intelligent, we label with terms like “average” or “Joe Sixpack” or “congressman”… or, “Mr. President”. Is it alarming that we don’t choose the people who make our laws or control our military on the basis of their ability to DO those jobs? Yes and markedly so. So… very… markedly

Image result for rick perry glassesThe theory behind our democracy is that the average person will be able to determine whether or not the person they want to elect is above average. Can you already see the flaw?  And, while people are turning over the issues and the subtle nuances and effects of addressing those issues in their minds, they have to make the determination as to who has the best ideas, but mostly which one hasn’t been found having sex with a married woman in the back of a Honda Accord. In other words: No one even CARES what the issues are, how they should be solved or how you get certain stains out of the back seat upholstery of a Honda Accord.

Because, winning a seat in congress or the presidency is a lot like winning the lottery… except our nation’s laws actually apply to lottery winners. Congress uses so much insider trading that there is talk of moving the stock exchange to a Washington, DC Holiday Inn ball room. Ding ding… ding. And, when they get out of congress, they often take the lucrative job of bribing active congressmen. Certainly, this is the will of the people…

Image result for plato glassesPlato felt that those who made laws should get NO reward for it. After they served, they’d have to retire to a cloistered life with other ex-lawmakers. This means no pay-offs after the fact and no they don’t get to run for governor. We’d only get people who really wanted to help the country… and what a boring bunch of people those are. Billy Joel would rather laugh with sinners than cry with the saints; but, I personally think he had more options than that…

Currently, we have a political system based primarily on greed. It might take us somewhere good, but, if it does, it will be completely random. I think that taking the money completely out of the picture is the only way to go. It’s an idea whose time came three thousand years ago and its time has still come. Is it a good idea?


5 thoughts on “I Came; I Saw; I Ranted

  1. I totally agree. But there’s a trade-off; if you take money out of the picture, you end up with people running the country who are either (a) independently wealthy, (b) unable to make a competitive income elsewhere, (c) getting their money some other dishonest way, or (d) a little bit mad.

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  2. I “markedly” agree as well. I don’t think there is anyone in the government that actually cares about the country as a whole – or if they did – there is so much red tape surrounding things that are untouchable because of the money involved.

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