Life’s Little Supreme Ironies

[What follows is a list of ironic events or things. Although I feel I’ve only scratched the surface, it was difficult to come up with even ten. Anyone else know any legitimate ironies?]

Image result for burning firehouse

A pet bird dying in a plane crash.

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Being beaten to death by a pacifists’ bodyguards.

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A financial planner who takes a vow of poverty.

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Dying of internal bleeding after being run over by a Red Cross blood-mobile.

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Giving power of attorney to someone who is suing you.

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Playing monopoly with a communist.

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Complaining to your son that he’s wasting his life while the episode of Three’s Company you are watching is going on in the background.

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Setting an opera in a school for the deaf.

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While bending down to pick up a quarter, your three hundred dollar iPhone falls from your shirt pocket and cracks on the sidewalk.

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A tornado picks up your trailer and drops it into FEMA’s parking lot.

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7 thoughts on “Life’s Little Supreme Ironies

  1. Today we were at ths beach and my dog was bounding along but her feet sunk into the seaweed and she did a head dive into the sea. I thought that was really funny, then I slipped over and went butt first into the sea. Irony bites

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