Random Thoughts from a Blue Planet

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There’s a time to talk to your son about masturbation; but, apparently, it ISN’T during Thanksgiving dinner in front of his kids.

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I was studying non-abelian groups, last night. The reason I study non-abelian groups is so that I can start conversations with “I was studying non-abelian groups, last night”. I got the idea one night when I was studying Shakespeare’s Pericles

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Yes, if a comet hit the Earth, life would be devastated; but, the comet wouldn’t do so well, either…

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Before I climb Everest, I have to find out if Sherpas are considered slaves and if I’m expected to whip them. If I’m fighting the cold and wind and altitude, I really don’t want to also have to worry about a Sherpa uprising…

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I’m not much on painting. I don’t see the need for it. I keep my walls as bare sheet-rock, but I leave some Sharpies in a bowl nearby so anyone standing there can fill a little in if the mood should strike.

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I would’ve done a lot better romantically if I had had a mating display… and maybe a dance as well. I relied more on subtle signals and compelling women to love me through the power of my thoughts.

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When it comes time for my kids to put me in a home, I hope they select one with a lot of secret passageways.

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I think the closest you can come to a trophy hunter is being a serial killer. Neither has any emotional attachment to his victim; and, you’d be creeped out by either’s explanation of why they do it…

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There was an experiment where they electrified the floor of a cage with rats in it and the rats eventually started attacking each other. The purpose of this experiment was to show that psychologists are monsters…

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The unexamined life is not worth living… but you’ll never find out…

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5 thoughts on “Random Thoughts from a Blue Planet

    1. I had some trouble with this one because I just got a new video game. Heroin would be less addictive…

      I like your responses because you specifically tell me which ones you liked, Robyn…

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