Eels… All about them and their friends…

7 thoughts on “Eels… All about them and their friends…

  1. Odd. You currently have three ‘likes’ here, but only one (mine) on the page you link to. I’m wondering why that might be… (because I’m working on a draft article about ‘likes’). Is it because the other folks who liked this page didn’t follow the link? Or is it because they simply didn’t like the content in your Moray Eel page? Or did they think it was too long, and didn’t get to the bottom (where the ‘like’ button is)?

    There are more questions than answers, I fear.

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    1. Those are all questions that I have pondered, Pedantry. Sometimes, I have more likes for a page than hits. There’s some kind of weird alien eleven-dimensional logic to how they compile their stats.

      Do I think that some people just click “like” without reading and go on with their lives? I think THAT is an inescapable conclusion…

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    2. I can’t like an external page – I haven’t ever been able to like an external page no matter what platform I am accessing a post from. It is really frustrating and I have often wondered if it is something I am doing wrong

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